La Subida Country Resort: A Picturesque Stay in Cormons, Italy

I recently took a trip to Trieste, a city in the northeastern region of Italy. It was guided by Italy Travel Specialists Kelly Boutwell of Serious Sip and Viviana Luison of Italian for Fun. We had four incredible nights at La Subia Country Resort. To say it was magical would be a gross understatement. Words can’t express the feeling you get when you’re here. From the absolutely breathtaking golden hour at arrival to the warm staff greeting you with Prosecco, to the well appointed houses and Mr. Cheese (a cheese vending machine) to their one Michelin Star Trattoria. La Subia’s motto is ‘A place you will love to return to’ and it is exactly that. I was already mentally planning my return while I was enjoying my stay.

Breakfast Delivered

On your first morning, the warm staff at La Subida will deliver a beautiful breakfast basket to your house. It will be filled with the most delicious bread, cheese and accoutrements to start your stay off with the most thoughtful details. In your well equipped kitchen, you’ll find coffee and a bottle of wine (on the slim chance you didn’t get enough on your winery visits), plenty of dishes and everything you need to have all of your travel buddies over for a cheese plate. Which we did. Our get together included wine from Bajta, a producer of wine and cured meats and a that farm offers accommodations and local adventures, a restaurant, and a wedding venue. You can read more about Bajta and the six other wineries we visited here. Our cheese was from Fattoria Zoff, a farm that breeds Pezzata Rossa cows and produces organic cheese.

Wake Up to This at La Subia

La Subida Guest House, Cormons Italy

At La Subida, you’ll wake up to this. Gorgeous golden sunlight streaming through your windows and the most perfect weather. It’s crisp in the morning and warming up throughout the day. Our trip was at the end of September and we could not have asked for better weather. We packed pants, skirts, dresses, tanks and light tops and light jackets. We didn’t have use jackets on this portion of the trip. I recommend packing a couple pairs of sneakers since during the day you’ll be exploring small towns and vineyards.

This is a time to have some peace, unwind and actually relax and enjoy yourself. There is no Wi-Fi in the houses and very little cell signal at La Subida Country Resort. Don’t worry, just a few steps away by the pool or a little farther at the lobby, you can connect to and pick up a stronger cell signal. If you’re a person who really needs to unwind a night, I’d recommend downloading a movie to your laptop.

The Prettiest Spot for Morning Coffee

Can you even imagine a more beautiful and tranquil place to enjoy your morning coffee? I can not. You might want to brush up on how to use a Moka Pot if you don’t already know. Some houses have Moka Pots and others have pod machines, but I suggest requesting a Moka Pot since you can have pods at home.

Italian Resort in Cormons, Italy

Our stay at La Subia Country Resort was only four days out of our nine day trip and it was a 10/10 for me. If a trip to the region of Friuli this sounds like something you’re interested in, be sure to keep up with Italy travel specialists Kelly Boutwell of Serious Sip, DipWSET, CMS2, CSW and Viviana Luison a native of Friuli and Italian teacher at Italian for Fun.

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